Should you encounter a problem please read the following FAQs.

If you still have an issue that you believe the problem is related to the school please email kespay@kes.hants.sch.uk and we will investigate for you, otherwise please contact SagePay via sagepay.com


Can I use a credit card? KESpay only accepts debit cards.
Do I need to Login? You will not need user name and password to make a payment. Individual transactions are recorded but not historically against a login.

KESpay can be accessed from the parents tab on the school website or directly via http://payments.kes.hants.sch.uk/shop

I have not received an email receipt. Please make sure you have input the correct e-mail address.
I have not received an email receipt. Please check your junk mail as our email address might be blocked in your inbox.
Can I order more than 3 items? Yes, if you proceed to the following screen then you can select more items.
I have tried 3 times to make payment. The system allows 3 attempts at making payment and you will get an error message.
You will need to log off, start a new order and ensure your basket is empty before proceeding.
My order won’t go through. Check if you have ticked the Terms & Conditions box?
My order hasn’t gone through. Make sure all boxes are completed correctly eg. telephone number needs to be numbers.
My order hasn’t gone through. Please check the expiry date of your debit card.
How do I know if I am on a waiting list? The trip leader will be in contact with you about whether you have been successful in getting a place on the trip.
I have paid twice for a trip. The finance team monitor all payments and if it is clear it is a duplicate payment then a refund will be made to the original payment card.
I have paid for the wrong trip. The trip leader will be in touch with you and arrange a refund which will be sent back to the card that made the payment.
If I decide not to go on the trip anymore? The trip leader should be contacted and they will let the finance team know if a refund is due which will be sent back to the card that made the payment.
My session has timed out. There is a limited amount of time you get to complete the transaction.
Can I use an iPad or an Apple computer? There is no reason why this should be a problem. Please contact the IT department if you are experiencing problems.
Can I pay over the telephone? Sorry no, we do not have payment facilities in the finance office.
Can I pay my fees through KES Pay? No, this system is for trips and events only.
My card has expired and I am expecting a refund. We will not be able to refund back to the expired card so you will receive a cheque via the trip leader.
If the trip has 0 spaces. Unfortunately, the trip is full so no payment can be made.

Contact the trip leader if you wish to be held on a waiting list if a place becomes available.

I can’t find the trip listed. Please use the search facility in the first instance. If you still can’t find it then it may be because the trip is full and the link has been removed from the website.
Paying for the correct trip The deposit and instalments will be listed separately. Only pay an instalment if you have paid a deposit and received confirmation from the trip leader that you have a place.

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